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Green school 

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

We have just applied for our 7th Green Flag - Global Citizenship Energy. We held our 'Action Day' on 9th June. Our Day of Action took place in June. We had a low energy day at school.

First we walked to school. The lights, heating and whiteboards were left off. We used our outdoor classroom and looked at the trees and flowers on our grounds. We did a major clean on our school grounds and a tidy up on our hedges and flower and vegetable beds. Then we planted flowers to brighten up the school and help to attract some bees.

This year our 6th class went on a very environmentally friendly tour. They cycled on the Turlough Greenway to Castlebar and went kayaking on Lough Lannagh. Afterwards they had a picnic on the grounds of the Army Barracks.


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