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Additional resources for home learning

Hi everyone,

Hope you're all OK out there. We have provided work that can be completed at home but here are some other ideas. We thought it might be useful to post some ideas on how to keep children busy and still learning!

If you have a twitter account check out Will Sliney (@WillSliney) · He is a Marvel cartoonist based in Cork who is setting out a daily art challenge for children on Twitter.

Twinkl is a learning website with resources for all levels of primary school. They are offering parents and teachers one month free membership effective immediately. Sign up at Code - IRLTWINKLHELPS. This site is aligned with the Irish curriculum so it's easy to navigate and find suitable ideas for your child.

Other activities:

Reading - can't ever do enough of it, get them to read to you, you read to them, they can read to siblings, not forgetting of course the joy that is reading to yourself. Also remember they can read anything not just books. Let them search for words they know in a newspaper with a highlighter pen. Or search for 10 words beginning with a particular letter for example.

Writing activities - keeping a diary, making lists, writing postcards to friends and relatives.

For younger children - make writing fun by letting them draw and write in chalk on walls. Let them write on hard plastic surfaces with whiteboard markers. Using trays of shaving foam or sand let them trace the letters and sounds they know.

Maths - Maths is all around us, send children on a maths hunt around the house, how many shapes can they find, what patterns can they see etc etc. Then get them to record their findings and make a fancy graph (depending on age obviously). Ask children to count everyday items, or when out shopping to calculate the cost. Sorting and classifying are important maths skills, so getting them sorting and matching socks!

The great outdoors offers and endless amount of learning. Teach them games you used to play. Make an obstacle course out of everyday objects in the garden.

Most importantly don't despair, there are loads of people in the same boat and already online lists of ideas are plentiful.

Keep well everyone!😀


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